About Me


I was born in a city that was once the backbone of America. A place that was the heart of soul music in the 60’s and 70’s. Detroit is my home. My grandmother & uncle have a strong artistic background and I am no different. I fell in love with photography and was mesmerized by the role symmetry played in everything we do. In 2014, at the age of 20, I quit my job in Detroit & moved to Brooklyn, New York to enroll in a volunteer program that helps millions of people globally. Once my time in the program was complete I moved to Harlem, New York.

While living there my desire to create art through photography became insatiable. In 2017 I got married to my beautiful wife Cheyenne, and we moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand to start a new life in Asia. Photography is no longer just a hobby, it’s my most authentic means of expression.


Matthew Neal is a premier wedding photographer in Chiang Mai Thailand, while also working out of Bangkok. He is known for capturing genuine expressions and emotions that will make you “feel”.

While working with Matt, you will quickly notice his ability to create authentic images whether in studio or by location. He works closely with his clients to create images that are crafted to their aesthetic values and personal identity. He approaches each project from personal portraits, editorial photography or wedding photography with a collaborative spirit and contagious creative energy. That has established him as one of the best photographers in Thailand.


  • Photography
  • Post Production
  • Art Direction
  • Styling
  • Wedding Photography

You can get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss day rates, scheduling and more. Thank you

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